Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Torianna talks about her first week at PB!

As the chair turns....

This week we have a new junior student Torianna P writing for us about her first week here at PB. I first met Torianna through the scholarship program we offer here at the school for current highschool seniors. She came in with so much excitement and a contagious smile that stretched from ear to ear! Below she shares with you the Top three highlights of her first week. We will check back in with Torianna throughout her journey to keep you up to date! - Ms. Jill
Torianna and Miss Jill
Top Three Highlights of my First Week at PB..

Leading up to my first week at PB, I was both excited and nervous, but kept a positive mindset. I already knew Miss Jill was the best, but I had no idea what to really expect walking in on my first day. As I entered the room, I felt a sense of belonging. The staff greeted me with open arms and guided me through the first day jitters with ease. I can't believe the first week has already ended, it flew by but I learned so much in such a short amount of time. While I could write forever about everything this week, the top three highlights were: Getting Advice from Experts in the Field, Being Chosen as a Makeup Model, and Receiving my Tools to Complete my Career.

1) Getting Advice from the Experts. I'm surrounded by top-notch professionals day in and day out at PB. Miss Jill, my instructor shared her expertise on the tough challenges we will encounter on our journey. I learned to ALWAYS stay positive and never doubt myself, confidence is key!

2) Being Chosen as a Makeup Model. On Tuesday, August 6th, Professional Make-Up Artist and Owner of Spa Dress, Christine Dress was invited to join the evening Makeup Certification class at PB. As a scholarship winner, I was given the opportunity to model for the class. I was recreated into the "Bubblegum Pop Queen" Christine had done for Dior's spring runway show at NYC Fashion Week 2 years ago. The makeup was great and really made me feel like I was part of this industry.

3)Receiving my Tools. One of the most exciting parts of the week
 was getting to open my big bag of goodies. It was like Christmas! As I dug in, I became so overwhelmed with the amount of tools and supplies, from combs to curlers,
 I didn't know where to start. Hopefully I will learn, later down the line, 
how to properly use all of the tools in my bag.

Well, one week down and only 39 more to go. I'm anticipating the events, activities, and much more in the weeks to come, can't wait to share what's going on next!

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