Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Journaling a Juniors Journey

As the chair turns....

Starting the journey to a license in cosmetology can be such an exciting time. There is so much that happens with the first few weeks of this 40 week adventure, from new friendships, overcoming struggles with difficult material, getting into the routine of wheeling around "the big black bag", and of course the first haircut! I recently had the chance to catch up with 3 of our new junior students to find out how things have been going since they started on September 4th.

  • First I spoke with Julianna a student from Ms. Shanas group and here's what she had to say:

My experience so far has been absolutely amazing to say the least. I met a ton of new people and made a lot of new friends. When I first came to the school I was very nervous yet excited. My favorite part about this whole experience is that everyone is so different yet we all get along so well . Everyone is so nice and helpful.  Not only were the girls great but I was lucky enough to have  two awesome teachers Miss. Shana and Miss Theresa.

I asked her how she is handling the material so far:

 I've learned so much already. We started cutting hair the first week of school which was very cool. I like how everything is so hands on, it makes it fun to learn. We learned multiple hair cuts and multiple ways of how to style hair.

Ms. Shana's positive attitude creates a great learning environment! She is awesome we agree Julianna!

  • I then swung by Ms.O's classroom to talk to Amanda. I asked Amanda if she has encountered any struggles so far and here's what she had to say:

We've learned several haircuts, roller sets, thermal straightening and curling and air forming, just to name a few. And trust me, not all of these are what you would consider a 'piece of cake.' Roller sets did not come easy for me or a few of my friends AT ALL. My classmates and I even joked that we would post signs up that say, 'No roller set clients welcomed!' when we have our own salons. But of course, with the individual attention and care from the amazing staff at our school, we are all now comfortable doing everything we learn. Now that I have made it through the first month of my training, I am 100% sure I've found my niche in the world.

Roller sets can be tough, but Amanda is right some one on one with a great teacher like Ms.O (who has a way of making everything fun) is a fast fix to any problem!!

  • Last but not least I checked in on Ms. D's group and chatted with Keya about her overall feeling of being at the school.

The Best decision I ever made was to attend P.B Cosmetology school. I’ve always been a creative human being, however I strongly believe P.B broadened my outlook on not only hair, but in every aspect of cosmetology. I must say the instructors, staff as well as the school exceeded my expectations of what I believed the whole experience would be.

Ms. D is such an energetic and creative person so we are sure Keya is in the right place to help further develop her creative side!

We are so proud of all our new students! We are here cheering them all the way!
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