Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pivot Point Is Premiere
PB Beauty School has been a member of the Pivot Point International Network of Member Schools since 1994.
What is Pivot Point you ask?
 Pivot Point teaches you to take the tools, tasks, skills and supplies and create art. Art that is designed
by you! Pivot Point’s mission is to teach you to see, think, create and adapt. Our textbooks, mannequins and curriculum are the finest in the industry.
The core of a Pivot Point education is teaching you the why behind the how of cosmetology and aesthetics.
Our training isn’t about one product line or method. It’s about empowering you with the knowledge
to develop beyond the basics. We use hands-on experiences from day one in the classroom through
graduation day in our student salon.
Our educators are members of the Cosmetology Educators of America and are trained through Pivot
Point’s Mindful Teaching. They develop fun, clear, and relevant lessons so students can be engaged and entertained while learning.
We are Pivot Point Proud!
Come design your future career at PB, South Jersey’s blue ribbon school of
cosmetology. Contact the Admissions Office at (856) 456-4927 for more information on PB’s programs.

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