Friday, May 23, 2014

Ask a Client

We are very excited to have guest blogger, Steph, from Life According to Steph. She blogs on everything from recent recipes to daily life. We asked to her tell us what she thinks makes a great stylist. Standing behind the chair sometimes we focus so heavily on the hair itself. We often can lose sight of the personal connection with the person it's attached to. Its so important to remember that often times our clients look forward to seeing us all day, for the relaxation, retreat and social nature of our appointments.

Here's the scoop "according to Steph"-
Everyone loves walking out of the hair salon looking and feeling like a million bucks with fresh new hair, but most people are also busy, and let's face it - getting your hair done is a major time suck. You could be accomplishing a lot of other things during during your time in that chair, which is why having a fabulous stylist is so important.
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What makes a stylist great from a customer's point of view is not just technical skills. Aside from being knowledgeable with cut and color skills, my main requirements in a stylist are that they're able to communicate with me on my level and that they're personable.

By communicating with me on my level, I mean really getting what I'm asking for when I say red. To me, red is the color I have in my mind. To a stylist, red means a million different shades. It's about figuring out what I really want and being able to talk to me in layman's terms about what's going on with my hair. But like I said, technical skills are not the end all, be all of a great stylist.
 photo d_zps222e94e7.jpg Since hair is a people business, you'd think all stylists would be personable, right? However, I've sat in front of stylists that just haven't been personable or even friendly. Sure, my hair turned out fine, but I ended up switching to a different stylist after a few appointments because I simply didn't care to share 1.5-2 hours of my time with that stylist.We didn't click and clicking is an important part of the stylist - client dynamic.

If you're not personable, I'm not sticking around to sit in your chair. My current stylist - and the one I've been with for eight years - fits my bill: she's a superb stylist technically in regards to cut, color, and highlights. She explains colors and techniques she's going to use in ways that I understand. And we get along really well and always have a lot of laughs. Her personality is great and I always get up from the chair smiling, loving my new hair, and feeling like time flew by because of my stylist.
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Personable stylists reap the benefits of clicking with clients - they get long-standing customers who are loyal and will stick with them and also fill their book by referring them out. Personality is important!

Life According to Steph
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