Friday, June 27, 2014

Teacher of the Year

This year at PB Cosmetology School's annual graduation ceremony Ms Shana Velesquaz was announced Teacher of the Year:

I had the opportunity to sit down with Shana and talk about some of her experiences leading up to that moment:

How long have you been at PB?

SV- I was a graduate of the cosmetology program and the teacher trainee program. I have taught here for 5 yrs.

You could teach at any beauty school why PB?

SV-  PB Cosmetology School has such a positive atmosphere, we are one big family. All of the staff really cares for each other and the students. We strive to make everyday the best it can be. The School Director Colleen Hogan is an amazing woman to work for and I couldn't be happier with where I am.

What motivational techniques do you input in the classroom to help your students stay on track?

SV: I always start each day with a motivational quote on the board. I am very big on making goals with my students. We set small goals to make achieving big goals more attainable. It helps to give them a feeling of accomplishment when they meet one.

One thing your students always say about you is how positive you are, always smiling, what inspires you to bring that attitude to everything you do?

SV: My husband and our kids inspire me the most. Life is so short and I'd rather look at all the great and positive things I have going on in my life then any of the negative. So many times we focus on negativity and it gets you no where. I am human I get down too but I always try to remind myself that someone has it worse than me so I put a smile on and get through it the best I can.

What is your fondest memory/best part about being at PB?

SV: Being honored with Teacher of the Year was amazing. I am still on cloud nine. I have so many great memories of all the amazing students I taught over the years. I love them all. The best part of PB is Ms Jill. Kidding, but honestly getting to work along side such amazing women and the close friendships I have made are things I cherish about my job.

Who would you say your hair inspiration is?

SV: of course... Kim Kardashian :)