Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Create the Perfect Brow

We all have see them on the celebrities those perfectly arched eye brows, we run to the mirror and look at our own and think why can't mine look like that. Part of it is because the makeup artists perfecting those brows before they hit the red carpet are using some secret weapons that the average person isn't privy too.

As a makeup artist there are a few guidelines that you have to follow- first is the 3 point brow, what is that you're probably wondering?

Using that as a grooming guide will make shaping your eyebrows a lot easier. It clearly shows you a beginning(1) and an end point(3) with an arch placed above the iris.(2)

Having the right tools is also key a few of the products we love are made by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  The brow wiz pencil is great for making your brow have a clean defined perimeter line.

Its the perfect pencil and it includes a grooming brush on the flip side. It comes in a variety of shades so it is able to match any hair color.
After you traced the brow shape you desired, the next step would be to shade it in. A sparse brow should be shaded in. A pencil can be to harsh and create a very dramatic look. For a softer more natural look it is best to use Anastasia's brow duo.
The brow duo is a soft powder that can be applied to the brow to fill it in. It covers any gaps or growth imperfections and it also allows for the brows to make a more powerful statement.
The last step to securing the perfect brow is Anastasia's brow gel. It sets the brow in place and looks in the product you have applied to make sure that what is on stays on.
It is super easy to apply it goes on smooth from the mascara wand like applicator. Its also clear so no worries if you get some on your skin.
If you follow this link, it will take you to ULTA's website. They sell an awesome brow kit that includes the brow duo powder , the applicator brush and the brow gel for $36.00. That's an incredible deal one worth taking advantage of.
Well we hope you enjoyed this quick blog on how to create arched eyebrows! Please comment below with any questions or feedback. 

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