Thursday, August 14, 2014

Want to Detoxify and Shed Inches?A Contour Wrap is for YOU!

Contour Body Wrap


In just two hours, PB's Contour Body Wrap reduces body measurements and firms soft tissue. We use the ancient arts of masking and wrapping to help change the shape you’re in. Our wrapping techniques help compress fatty tissue and helps tone underlying muscle. We start with a sea clay masque application which draws out toxins, tightening and smoothing the skin. Then we use elastic wraps which are saturated in a blend of detox herbs to contour the body. Wraps offer a quick way to firm the upper arms, breasts, belly, hips, buttocks, and thighs, which often appear heavy or bloated due to water and waste retention.

How Contour Body Wraps Work

Contour Wraps are a safe and effective process that pulls toxins from the skin. Allowing the body’s natural elastin to firm up and help hold the new contours shaped by the elastic wraps. When wrapped tightly, the body sweats, which in turn causes the skin to lie flatter against the underlying muscle.

Toxic accumulation is mainly due the one’s lifestyle and the modern problems of excessive stress, smoking, illness, improper diet and lack of exercise. Toxins are stored in the fluids between fat cells when the skin becomes overloaded.

What to Expect

First we will bring you back to our treatment room where you will be able to change. While most clients prefer to bring a bathing suit, we do provide disposable undergarments for you. Next we will take your measurements so you can see the results of before and after. We then start our application of sea clay masque followed by our herbal elastic wraps. You will then rest in our heated facial bed for one hour. It’s a very relaxing procedure and you will truly enjoy some downtime as you lose inches!
After the hour is complete, we begin the removal of the elastic wraps and the sea clay masque using hot towels. Finally you will be re-measured and allowed to change. 

You will lose inches, but you will also lose a lot more – toxins and waste materials trapped in our fat cells. Recently one of our educators was wrapped and lost 15 inches overall. Because of the increased circulation and the release of toxins, the results will also be improved health.

PB Beauty School offers Contour Wraps for $45. Please contact the student spa to set up you appointment.


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