Friday, October 3, 2014

Getting to know Ms.Courtney

Recently PB Cosmetology School was pleased to welcome Courtney Caruso to our staff as the Barbering Educator. We are so happy to have her here on the staff and excited to see all that she has to bring to the table!

PB: Tell me alittle bit about yourself, how'd you get your start in the industry's etc.?


Courtney: I have been a hairdresser for 10 years.  I started school in 2003/2004 knowing I did not want a corporate life.  Before my brother passed away, he told me, "don't be a loser... get a job you love."  So I signed up.  I wanted to be in a profession where I could have fun and still make money.  I started with cosmetology, and after 2 years got into teaching, and massage therapy.  I've worked along side of Oscar nominated makeup artist James Ryder and learned so much from those experiences.  I just love to keep learning.  

PB: How long have you been an educator for?
Courtney: I've been an educator since 2008.  Originally I just wanted to go through the program for the title.  Someone told me it would open more doors such as management positions, etc... The more I got involved, I started to fall in love with the fact that I could potentially help someone improve their lives or inspire.  If I only reached 1 out of 20 people, that was worth more than any paycheck or advancement.  I always wanted to teach what I wasn't taught in school, and make learning for the future professionals as fun as I could.

PB: Why be a barber? What do you love about it?

Courtney: Barbering as an old world craft – much like masonry, glassblowing and bookbinding.  I love my craft.  I think people should take pride in working with their hands—take honor in it.  We are the people that make the world go around.  Being good in a craft means you’ve been working hard for years to master the skills.  I'm very proud that we’re changing the way future barbers think about the craft, turning it back into a ‘real man’s’ job, a cool thing.


PB: Since coming to PB what are some of the things you have enjoyed the most?

Courtney: I love the family feel to this place.  I love that the education is about the students and not about the money or how many students we can get through the door.  They really focus on Quality NOT quantity here.  The students are motivated, the staff is happy, and I'm loving my class.  They are really fun and respectful!

PB: What do you have planned for the barbering students - fun trips , guest artists, competitions?
Courtney: I want them to experience the NY hair show... I'm bringing in guest artists from my shop as well as local shops, we're going to go on field trips to different barbershops to experience the vibes in different settings, and maybe in the early spring, we're going to do some Barber Battles here at the school!  They have to LOVE what they do!!!