Friday, December 19, 2014

Vintage Hair Show

PB Beauty Schools students came out in full force for our Annual Vintage Hair Show! We feel it's important for cosmetology students to research not only the hair styles and makeup choices of certain time periods but also the social influences that encouraged them.

Each class was asked to represent a specific decade, starting with the 20's and going up until the 70's. Along with the styling of hair and makeup we encourage the students to create costumes that also reflect their assigned era.

Ms.S's group covered the 1920's. Some of the main trends of that time are finger-waves, pin-curls and the cupids bow lip. During the roaring 20's spirits were high and money was flowing, flappers would dance the night away. The flapper was the dawning of the "independent woman". Not being afraid to show some skin and style themselves to be feminine and attractive was the true flapper way. Finger-waves have become very popular again with many modern celebrities wearing them on the red carpet. Ms.S and her students did a terrific job of recreating these classic styles!

Next up we had Ms.O's group covering the 1940's. The classic pinup girl was born. Victory rolls and red lips were all the rage. During the 1940's many women were taking over the traditional male role in society with so many men overseas aiding in the war efforts. Women stepped up to the plate by working in factories and becoming true providers for their families. But just because they were working in typically male dominated environments didn't mean they couldn't still be fabulous! We can thank the 1940's for the invention of smudge proof lipstick. Many of the men not overseas but still in the workplace would find themselves smooching on their lunch hour with all the attractive new employees.That being said, the demand for a smudge proof lipstick was in place and the supply soon followed thanks to a dermatologist's assistant named Hazel Bishop. She marketed her product with the tag line "it stays on you, not on him!"
Ms.Shana's group did a wonderful job of recreating the 1950's. The war was over and the men were home. Women found themselves gravitating to the looks of the Hollywood starlets mainly because film and television were becoming so much more mainstream. Iconic figures such as Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, and Elizabeth Taylor, just to name a few, took to the screen and inspired women everywhere with their classic beauty and soft up swept hairstyles. Many women may have found themselves back in the kitchen but with that came only more glamor and style with the influence of Hollywood's Golden Era. Of course we can't forget the men, who seemed to of turned in the camouflage for sharply tailored suits and a fine pair of dress shoes. 

Ms. Jill's class took on the 1960's which many historians feel was a decade of true change for the country. Women and men found themselves fighting for everything that is important. Taking a stand against social issues and not being afraid to stand up for what they felt was right. Civil rights, women's rights, anti war and peace rallies were happening all over the United States from college campuses to the gates of the White House. This generation was inspired to make a difference in the world. Styles in the early 60's were very much so influenced still by the 1950's but by mid-decade it was more about comfort and freedom. Hair was being worn longer and wavy, makeup was more natural and being used to express words or images of how the individual was feeling. But as always the entertainment biz, specifically the music at this time, influenced the styling from the hair and makeup to the clothing styles and attitudes.

Ms. Karlee's seniors topped of the show by showing us the trends of the 1970's. They did a wonderful job of incorporating the hippie styling of the late 1960's with the dawn of disco in the mid 1970's. Following the civil rights movement of the 60's, the 70's were when the cosmetic world finally saw a change in product selection with makeup geared towards the beautiful ebony skin tones of African American women. Prior to that any makeup that would be worn left the skin looking dull and grey. Hair had a variety of trends from the feathered styling of Farrah Fawcett to the iconic Afro of the Jackson 5. All iconic and fantastic!

All of our students did such an amazing job on the red carpet and off! They really took this project seriously and their efforts were truly a great display of their talents!! Way to go!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Getting to know Ms.Courtney

Recently PB Cosmetology School was pleased to welcome Courtney Caruso to our staff as the Barbering Educator. We are so happy to have her here on the staff and excited to see all that she has to bring to the table!

PB: Tell me alittle bit about yourself, how'd you get your start in the industry's etc.?


Courtney: I have been a hairdresser for 10 years.  I started school in 2003/2004 knowing I did not want a corporate life.  Before my brother passed away, he told me, "don't be a loser... get a job you love."  So I signed up.  I wanted to be in a profession where I could have fun and still make money.  I started with cosmetology, and after 2 years got into teaching, and massage therapy.  I've worked along side of Oscar nominated makeup artist James Ryder and learned so much from those experiences.  I just love to keep learning.  

PB: How long have you been an educator for?
Courtney: I've been an educator since 2008.  Originally I just wanted to go through the program for the title.  Someone told me it would open more doors such as management positions, etc... The more I got involved, I started to fall in love with the fact that I could potentially help someone improve their lives or inspire.  If I only reached 1 out of 20 people, that was worth more than any paycheck or advancement.  I always wanted to teach what I wasn't taught in school, and make learning for the future professionals as fun as I could.

PB: Why be a barber? What do you love about it?

Courtney: Barbering as an old world craft – much like masonry, glassblowing and bookbinding.  I love my craft.  I think people should take pride in working with their hands—take honor in it.  We are the people that make the world go around.  Being good in a craft means you’ve been working hard for years to master the skills.  I'm very proud that we’re changing the way future barbers think about the craft, turning it back into a ‘real man’s’ job, a cool thing.


PB: Since coming to PB what are some of the things you have enjoyed the most?

Courtney: I love the family feel to this place.  I love that the education is about the students and not about the money or how many students we can get through the door.  They really focus on Quality NOT quantity here.  The students are motivated, the staff is happy, and I'm loving my class.  They are really fun and respectful!

PB: What do you have planned for the barbering students - fun trips , guest artists, competitions?
Courtney: I want them to experience the NY hair show... I'm bringing in guest artists from my shop as well as local shops, we're going to go on field trips to different barbershops to experience the vibes in different settings, and maybe in the early spring, we're going to do some Barber Battles here at the school!  They have to LOVE what they do!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting to know Senior Julianna Owens

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Senior student Julianna Owens a few days before she graduated to recap her time here and to talk about her plans for the future.
PB: What made you decide to come to PB Cosmetology School?
Juls: A warm and friendly atmosphere drew me in. It is like one big family. I could tell right off the bat that the staff really cares a lot about each and every student. I also loved the new state of the art salon!
PB: What were you doing prior to enrolling at PB Cosmetology School?
Juls: Before enrolling at PB, I was going to college for business. I always had a knack for makeup and hair. I knew I always wanted to come to beauty school so it was something I just had to do to feed that need. It was the best decision I ever made.
PB: Upon graduating what do you plan to do with your license?
Juls: I plan to mix my cosmetology license with my business degree. I would like to start out doing beauty sales or marketing. My ultimate goal is to be the Marketing Director for L'Oreal in NY.
PB: What has been the highlight of your time here at PB?
Juls: All the people I've met on this journey. So many people who have been there to help me. My teacher Ms. Shana was so awesome. She taught me a lot about not only beauty but life in general. Ms. Jill taught me so much about makeup and although she wasn't my teacher she was always there to lend a helping hand. Colleen Hogan, the School Director has been so motivating to me and so many others. Always willing to stop whatever she was doing to talk and guide me through anything I brought to her. All the staff were a big help as well. Always willing to go the extra mile to help and encourage myself as well as my classmates.
Ms. Shana and Julianna
PB: Aside from the Cosmetology skills you learned what would you say is the best thing you learned?
Juls: The power of positive thinking and how to apply it to every aspect of your life!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Want to Detoxify and Shed Inches?A Contour Wrap is for YOU!

Contour Body Wrap


In just two hours, PB's Contour Body Wrap reduces body measurements and firms soft tissue. We use the ancient arts of masking and wrapping to help change the shape you’re in. Our wrapping techniques help compress fatty tissue and helps tone underlying muscle. We start with a sea clay masque application which draws out toxins, tightening and smoothing the skin. Then we use elastic wraps which are saturated in a blend of detox herbs to contour the body. Wraps offer a quick way to firm the upper arms, breasts, belly, hips, buttocks, and thighs, which often appear heavy or bloated due to water and waste retention.

How Contour Body Wraps Work

Contour Wraps are a safe and effective process that pulls toxins from the skin. Allowing the body’s natural elastin to firm up and help hold the new contours shaped by the elastic wraps. When wrapped tightly, the body sweats, which in turn causes the skin to lie flatter against the underlying muscle.

Toxic accumulation is mainly due the one’s lifestyle and the modern problems of excessive stress, smoking, illness, improper diet and lack of exercise. Toxins are stored in the fluids between fat cells when the skin becomes overloaded.

What to Expect

First we will bring you back to our treatment room where you will be able to change. While most clients prefer to bring a bathing suit, we do provide disposable undergarments for you. Next we will take your measurements so you can see the results of before and after. We then start our application of sea clay masque followed by our herbal elastic wraps. You will then rest in our heated facial bed for one hour. It’s a very relaxing procedure and you will truly enjoy some downtime as you lose inches!
After the hour is complete, we begin the removal of the elastic wraps and the sea clay masque using hot towels. Finally you will be re-measured and allowed to change. 

You will lose inches, but you will also lose a lot more – toxins and waste materials trapped in our fat cells. Recently one of our educators was wrapped and lost 15 inches overall. Because of the increased circulation and the release of toxins, the results will also be improved health.

PB Beauty School offers Contour Wraps for $45. Please contact the student spa to set up you appointment.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Jessica Recaps the Junior Phase

My name is Jessica Rutter, I am about half way through the Cosmetology Program here at PB. 

Becoming a student at PB Cosmetology School has been such a great experience for me. It has taught me so many things. It really helped me grow as a person in so many ways. Deciding to come to PB was one of the best choices I have made. It has been an incredible experience and has opened the door to lots of opportunity.
Enrolling in PB was a scary moment for me. I wasn't sure if I was ready to dedicate myself to 6 hours a day to just sitting in a classroom, but I learned quickly that those 6 hours are filled with so much activity that I found myself not sitting a whole lot. I'm glad I did commit to the program because I have made some really special memories.

The first day of class was so bittersweet! I was nervous and excited all in one but when I walked into Ms. Jill's class introduced herself and showed me to my seat. I remember seeing this big bag full of everything we need for school sitting on my desktop and it felt like Christmas!

One thing that made the first day easy was having such great classmates! We were a very small class, but we made everyone feel welcomed. Our class experience was unique, throughout the junior phase we acquired a few new students along the way, we loved this because it allowed our small classroom family to grow, the more the merrier! We also got to go on so many field trips! we went to Sephora, Lush, Mac, The Franklin Institute, we did yoga, went canvas painting, we spent a day at the Art Museum, and my favorite was visiting the Gift of Life House.

The Gift of Life Family House is a great program that has families stay when a loved one is waiting for an organ transplant.

It is located in Philadelphia a short 15 minute drive from the school. Ms. Jill asked our class if we wanted to go and cook dinner for the people who are staying there. We were all asked to bring one item for the meal. We made a ravioli bake, garlic bread, salad and cookies for dessert. After school on a Friday we all drove over there and cooked dinner. Once the dinner was finished cooking we had a tour of the facility and it was just beautiful! The guests sent us a thank you card saying that they loved our food! Going there was such a nice idea, reminded us all the giving back is such an important part of life.

Having Ms. Jill as a teacher was wonderful. She has taught me and my classmates a great deal of things and did in a really fun way. I am very appreciative to have had such a great teacher and classmates who have become some of my closest friends. I don't know how I would have gotten through being a junior without them. We all push each other to be amazing and do great things. I can't wait to see what being a senior has in store for us!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Create the Perfect Brow

We all have see them on the celebrities those perfectly arched eye brows, we run to the mirror and look at our own and think why can't mine look like that. Part of it is because the makeup artists perfecting those brows before they hit the red carpet are using some secret weapons that the average person isn't privy too.

As a makeup artist there are a few guidelines that you have to follow- first is the 3 point brow, what is that you're probably wondering?

Using that as a grooming guide will make shaping your eyebrows a lot easier. It clearly shows you a beginning(1) and an end point(3) with an arch placed above the iris.(2)

Having the right tools is also key a few of the products we love are made by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  The brow wiz pencil is great for making your brow have a clean defined perimeter line.

Its the perfect pencil and it includes a grooming brush on the flip side. It comes in a variety of shades so it is able to match any hair color.
After you traced the brow shape you desired, the next step would be to shade it in. A sparse brow should be shaded in. A pencil can be to harsh and create a very dramatic look. For a softer more natural look it is best to use Anastasia's brow duo.
The brow duo is a soft powder that can be applied to the brow to fill it in. It covers any gaps or growth imperfections and it also allows for the brows to make a more powerful statement.
The last step to securing the perfect brow is Anastasia's brow gel. It sets the brow in place and looks in the product you have applied to make sure that what is on stays on.
It is super easy to apply it goes on smooth from the mascara wand like applicator. Its also clear so no worries if you get some on your skin.
If you follow this link, it will take you to ULTA's website. They sell an awesome brow kit that includes the brow duo powder , the applicator brush and the brow gel for $36.00. That's an incredible deal one worth taking advantage of.
Well we hope you enjoyed this quick blog on how to create arched eyebrows! Please comment below with any questions or feedback. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Teacher of the Year

This year at PB Cosmetology School's annual graduation ceremony Ms Shana Velesquaz was announced Teacher of the Year:

I had the opportunity to sit down with Shana and talk about some of her experiences leading up to that moment:

How long have you been at PB?

SV- I was a graduate of the cosmetology program and the teacher trainee program. I have taught here for 5 yrs.

You could teach at any beauty school why PB?

SV-  PB Cosmetology School has such a positive atmosphere, we are one big family. All of the staff really cares for each other and the students. We strive to make everyday the best it can be. The School Director Colleen Hogan is an amazing woman to work for and I couldn't be happier with where I am.

What motivational techniques do you input in the classroom to help your students stay on track?

SV: I always start each day with a motivational quote on the board. I am very big on making goals with my students. We set small goals to make achieving big goals more attainable. It helps to give them a feeling of accomplishment when they meet one.

One thing your students always say about you is how positive you are, always smiling, what inspires you to bring that attitude to everything you do?

SV: My husband and our kids inspire me the most. Life is so short and I'd rather look at all the great and positive things I have going on in my life then any of the negative. So many times we focus on negativity and it gets you no where. I am human I get down too but I always try to remind myself that someone has it worse than me so I put a smile on and get through it the best I can.

What is your fondest memory/best part about being at PB?

SV: Being honored with Teacher of the Year was amazing. I am still on cloud nine. I have so many great memories of all the amazing students I taught over the years. I love them all. The best part of PB is Ms Jill. Kidding, but honestly getting to work along side such amazing women and the close friendships I have made are things I cherish about my job.

Who would you say your hair inspiration is?

SV: of course... Kim Kardashian :)